Episode #49 - Larger Than Life


Bill Murray has worked with some of the greatest actors of all time, like Odie from Garfield, himself from Garfield: Tale of Two Kitties, and a myriad of ghosts in Ghostbusters, but his biggest co-star by far is Tai the elephant in the cinematic “classic” Larger Than Life. In this episode the guys dive deep into the extremely shallow world of movies starring elephants and break down everything from hitch-hiking with an elephant, to feeding and elephant, to why Bill Murray seems to always do these weird movies. They give their top 5 elephant films of all time (there are literally six) and Kyle gives them grief for not loving Dumbo as much as he does. Kyle really loves Dumbo. Listen and subscribe!

Episode #34 - Halloween Resurrection

Happy Hallloowwweeennnn... resurrection! Michael Myers, fresh off Austin Powers, is back and ready to take on Busta Rhymes in Halloween: Resurrection. This Halloween sequel will remind you of everything horrible about the early 2000s. Featuring some of your favorite actors like Tyra Banks, Busta Rhymes, the guy from Smart House and the kid from Rookie of the Year. Nick and Stephen with (little to no) help from the producers Kyle and Alex get deep into the worst Halloween movie of the series.

Episode #33 - Aliens vs Predator: Requiem


Alien vs Predator: Requiem is the sequel we didn't know we needed to original film we never wanted in the first place. Nick and Stephen dive deep into this ludicrous film where aliens and predators fight and basically kill every human in a small town for some reason. No one is safe in this sequel and no one is safe on the podcast, anyone can (metaphorically) die at any time. So listen up and listen in to the latest episode of Reel Rotten.

Episode #32 - Congo


Reel Rotten has delved into the ridiculous, the funny, the action, and insane, but never in the same film, until we did Congo. If you missed this gem in your childhood you missed out. Featuring everything from talking gorillas, to diamonds, to albino gorillas protecting diamonds Congo has it "all". In this episode the criticism and awe flow almost as strongly as the drinks of the hosts. Bad movies are our business and Congo is good business. Watch this film (or not) and listen in!

Episode #31 - U.S. Marshals


We’ve got a bonus pod, and another fugitive. It’s been 20 years since U.S. Marshals and 25 since The Fugitive and we decided to watch the one without Harrison Ford. Who needs him when you have TLJ, the always angry man, the wrinkle machine himself, Tommy Lee Jones. In this intimate episode Nick and Stephen without any producers or rules do a late night pod on one of their favorite action movies. So listen up and stay til the end when they pitch Fugitive 3 because that way you can tell your friends and we can get this threequel rolling!