Episode #62 - The Dark Tower


Cross over to a new dimension of high hopes and desolate results. Nick and Stephen go Tommyknockers deep into KingWorld, analyzing the Hollywood flop that was The Dark Tower (2017). Be prepared to listen to what the boys would do if they had "Shine", the best Stephen King adaptations, and how/why this movie skewed so bad from its source material. Listen, Rate and Subscribe!

Episode #61 - The Little Rascals


We’ll get you, you little rascals, and your little dog too! That’s right, we did the classic, the little known prequel to Scooby Doo… The Little Rascals! The guys with guest Ted turn into Little Rascals themselves talking everything from the iconic “I got a dollar” song to Nick explaining in excruciating detail what exactly a “rascal” is. They rank the best rascals and don’t give each other rascal names but if they did, Stephen would be Burpy. Listen and subscribe!

Episode #59 - Men in Black: International


We did our second live review of the summer, Men in Black (colon) International. Not even a neuralizer can save you from what happens in this movie. Nick and Stephen are alone in the headquarters and almost burn the place to the ground. They do top 5 MIB aliens, start revving their engines for CATS and experience so many technical difficulties they almost quit podcasting. IT'S GREAT!

Episode #56 - Dark Phoenix


Reel Rotten is Dead, and we are REBORN AS A DARK PHOENIX PODCAST. We’ve entered a new age. A live age. An age where Nick and Stephen PAY their hard earned money and see movies in theaters. This is our first live review, and we stupidly did Dark Phoenix. We cover everything but mostly focus on how horrible Cyclops is. Seriously, he’s just the worst. Also we have an X-MEN draft. No one picked Cyclops, because again, he’s the worst.

Episode #55 - Rollerball (2002)


After all… you’re my Rollerballlll. This week we watched what can only be described as a movie, Rollerball. Joined by now recurring guest Mike Chouinard, the guys get into the 2002 Rollerball remake. Never seen the first one? It’s OK they didn’t either. This episode they discuss if this movie killed careers (it did), who got sent to jail for this film (they all should have), and if LL Cool J can ever be too much LL Cool J (he can’t). It’s also filled with Stephen losing his patience with Nick, fake sports talk, and at least 15 minutes on the famous night vision scene.

Episode #54 - Godzilla (1998)


It's a bird. It’s a plane. It’s something that looks pretty similar to Godzilla. That’s right, the guys are taking on the King of Monsters and talking the Matthew Broderick Godzilla. You may know it by it’s alternate title, Jurassic Park: Dumb Version. The guys talk top 5 monsters, how gumballs are the secret to outrunning raptors, and the longest most thorough two minute recap of all time. Also, Nicky and Stevie return!

Episode #53 - Mother's Day (Bonus)

Nick's MOM is back! Deb returns for the season two finale Mother's Day episode. She explains childbirth, which kid is her favorite and a mother's love. They talk Julia Roberts' wig, top movie moms of all time, and how Stephen will never feel real love. Also support Deb's Diane Keaton podcast!

Note: This podcast was recording in a large room at Nick's mom's house, so we apologize if the quality isn't the same as usual.

Episode #52 - Pokemon: The First Movie


Gather you holographic Pokemon cards! It’s time to throw down for Pokemon: The First Movie. Pokemon trainer Jess joins the crew. Together they talk personal top 5 Pokemon, how Team Rocket deserves better, and how Pikachu has to be the strongest Pokemon of all time. Nick does his “best” Professor Oak, and Stephen goes ALL IN on how morally wrong Pokemon training is. Who struck MewTwo first????

Episode #51 - The Avengers


This week we watched Avengers. Not Infinity War or Endgame... The Avengers.  Where Sean Connery tries to kill people with the weather while wearing a bear costume. In this episode the guys argue with Kyle, shame Kjax and his fact shack and draft Marvel Avengers teams! Also, British people are robots? And Nick does the worst accents of all time. Listen up!

Episode #49 - Larger Than Life


Bill Murray has worked with some of the greatest actors of all time, like Odie from Garfield, himself from Garfield: Tale of Two Kitties, and a myriad of ghosts in Ghostbusters, but his biggest co-star by far is Tai the elephant in the cinematic “classic” Larger Than Life. In this episode the guys dive deep into the extremely shallow world of movies starring elephants and break down everything from hitch-hiking with an elephant, to feeding and elephant, to why Bill Murray seems to always do these weird movies. They give their top 5 elephant films of all time (there are literally six) and Kyle gives them grief for not loving Dumbo as much as he does. Kyle really loves Dumbo. Listen and subscribe!