Episode #34 - Halloween Resurrection

Happy Hallloowwweeennnn... resurrection! Michael Myers, fresh off Austin Powers, is back and ready to take on Busta Rhymes in Halloween: Resurrection. This Halloween sequel will remind you of everything horrible about the early 2000s. Featuring some of your favorite actors like Tyra Banks, Busta Rhymes, the guy from Smart House and the kid from Rookie of the Year. Nick and Stephen with (little to no) help from the producers Kyle and Alex get deep into the worst Halloween movie of the series.

Episode #33 - Aliens vs Predator: Requiem


Alien vs Predator: Requiem is the sequel we didn't know we needed to original film we never wanted in the first place. Nick and Stephen dive deep into this ludicrous film where aliens and predators fight and basically kill every human in a small town for some reason. No one is safe in this sequel and no one is safe on the podcast, anyone can (metaphorically) die at any time. So listen up and listen in to the latest episode of Reel Rotten.

Episode #32 - Congo


Reel Rotten has delved into the ridiculous, the funny, the action, and insane, but never in the same film, until we did Congo. If you missed this gem in your childhood you missed out. Featuring everything from talking gorillas, to diamonds, to albino gorillas protecting diamonds Congo has it "all". In this episode the criticism and awe flow almost as strongly as the drinks of the hosts. Bad movies are our business and Congo is good business. Watch this film (or not) and listen in!

Episode #31 - U.S. Marshals


We’ve got a bonus pod, and another fugitive. It’s been 20 years since U.S. Marshals and 25 since The Fugitive and we decided to watch the one without Harrison Ford. Who needs him when you have TLJ, the always angry man, the wrinkle machine himself, Tommy Lee Jones. In this intimate episode Nick and Stephen without any producers or rules do a late night pod on one of their favorite action movies. So listen up and stay til the end when they pitch Fugitive 3 because that way you can tell your friends and we can get this threequel rolling!

Episode #30 - Heavy Weights


We've all been fat, or at the very least thick little babies, so we get it. Heavy Weights is a film that will go down as the greatest fat camp movie of all time and that's why it's a Hall of Fame Reel Rotten selection for us. Featuring Ben Stiller's best villain performance and our special guest Tanner we get down to just what makes this movie still enjoyable today. So come here you devil log and give it a listen. 

Episode #29 - Baywatch


What do you get when you combine The Rock, Zac Efron, beautiful women and dick jokes.... The answer is a remake of a tv show that not a lot of people remember or know about. Nick and Stephen, along with new guest Wilfredo dig in the sand and do that thing where you bury each other and put like boobs on yourself and stuff. Baywatch is streaming so watch it and then listen, it's gonna be fun! 

Episode #28 - The Big Green


Like most Americans, the World Cup 2018 meant nothing this year to us, so we decided to turn our attention towards a more enjoyable SOCCER (USA!USA!) entertainment in the form of The Big Green. A monumental episode for Reel Rotten as it is our first official film with a 0%, but it is also the return of our theme song writer Joe. Come one and come all as we share of piece of 90's nostalgia, and bicycle kick this failed sports film into your long term memory banks!

Episode #25 - The Circle


The Circle is just a shape to most of you, but to others it's life. We get deep into the ridiculous premise that is The Circle and just how a movie that could have been so right, goes so dang wrong. Featuring bad accents, police states, and kayaks this movie has it all and we have something to say about all of it. Complete with our own shape themed movies and general disbelief that this movie was made. 

Episode #24 - Blade: Trinity


Blade. Laser. Blazer. Wesley Snipes doesn't wear a blazer in this movie but he sure does fuck up some vampires. We watched Blade: Trinity in honor of Ryan Reynolds talking his way into Deadpool. Thought it was on the high side of Rotten Tomatoes this movie will always be low to us. Featuring our "guest" Alex (we know, we know), we break down just how Blade: Trinity breaks down 15 minutes into the movie. Though under 2 hours it really feels like 2+ hours you'll never get back. We talk Reynolds, we talk Biel, we talk Snipes, we talk drunk(ish) because that's really the only way to watch this movie. Listen up and listen in! 

Episode #23 - The Perfect Score

Do you remember your SAT score, or are you trying to actively forget it? Well your living in the past and/or dwelling on the past is almost over. A movie about the test that test that you've likely moved on from is the cure. So start the timer, get your number 2 Ticonderoga pencil and fill in those dots and join Nick and Stephen on the only journey about the SATs that you'll ever take. 

Episode #21 - Grandma's Boy


The holiday for tokers and smokers and stoners has come and gone, but we couldn't help but capitalize on the rich genre of stoner comedies. Joined by cannabis enthusiast Jacob, we break down the movie about boys for boys. We highly recommend going back in time and watching this movie again as a teenager, because it only gets worse from there.