Episode #7 - Eight Crazy Nights


Hanukkah for Christmas! You got it! We get deep into what has to be one of the top five Hanukkah movies of all time. It's an Adam Sandler animated musical... sooooo you'll love it?


Stephen’s blurb: If you gave an eight-year-old $30 million, his own animation studio, and his journal from when he was six years old, to write a movie, you’d probably end up with Eight Crazy Nights.

Eric’s blurb: Eight Crazy Nights is a family-fun-filled catastrophe fueled by the American Dream. This Academy Award-winning snub brings the room together by bridging the religious differences of modern religions and their celebrations. A heart-stopping, all-around family-fun film—for the ages.

Nick’s blurb: If I was on meth for eight nights and I watched this movie, I would say I liked it.