Episode #6 - The Room


Is not having an episode of Reel Rotten about The Room tearing you apparrtttt! Well, good news, we did The Room for our latest episode, bad news is, it's going to tear you apart. In the gentlest way possible. Nick and Stephen sat down with The Room aficionado Ryan Grennan to bring you what we think is our best episode yet. Listen and enjoy, I guarantee you'll be as turned on (not sexually) as we were! Download and listen! 


Ryan’s blurb: The Room is the American Dream. Tommy Wiseau attempted to create something that was iconic and he did so in the complete opposite direction that he was intending, therefore he achieved the American Dream—success.

Stephen’s blurb: This movie made me believe in sex scenes again.

Nick’s blurb: I never wanted to go to the room, but now I never want to leave.