Not since Avengers: Endgame (clickbait) has there been such an ambitious crossover as the one I’m proposing right… PokeMoms. For too long we’ve had the questions of which Pokemon would make the best moms and why hasn’t anyone power ranked said hypothetical moms into a top 5. Well, today’s your lucky day, Kyle (likely the only one reading this), because I’m here to answer both of those questions!

First things first, don’t google “Which Pokemon make the best Pokemom’s?” It’s wildly disappointing. Though we should take the time to shout out Delia Ketchum. This is a mom that let her ONLY CHILD leave town to go catch wild animals on his own when he was like 13 years old. She either really hates her son or really loves him. Either way happy mother’s day to Delia! Thank you for recklessly letting your son explore his independence. Moving on from “real people” the point of this blog is to determine which Pokemon are the best mothers. So despite us not knowing the gender of most Pokemon we’re just going to assume the ones I’m going to describe are female. We’re also sticking with 1st generation because then it’s complete anarchy.


#1 - Chansey

This was by far the easiest Pokemom to choose. Chansey is the epitome of mother. She’s a healer, a caretaker, and a Pokemon that brings happiness and good luck. If that’s not the Pokemon you would want raising you, you’ve been damaged… and Chansey can heal that damage. It’s what she does. Far and away number one, the most supporting and loving of all the Pokemon.


#2 - Kangaskhan

If Chancey is the loving Pokemon, Kangaskhan is the most fiercely protective mother. She provides for her child and protects it all costs. The type of mom that no matter how old you get there’s still always a place for you with her. You would think her children would take advantage of this but her tough love teaches them the right values and provides them the blueprint for success in life. A mom you can count on and trust with your life. She should be renamed Kangasmom.


#3 - Jigglypuff

Children have a hard time sleeping through the night. Jigglypuff is one mom that doesn’t have to rely on giving her child a little bit of Pokewhiskey, she just sings. Some say she can be a narcissistic bohemian type, but in truth she is fiercely loyal and the most soothing a mother can be. She may use this to her advantage sometimes but a mother that sings to her child while they’re going to bed is the type of mom we can get behind.


#4 - Jynx

If you thought Jigglypuff was a stretch, limber up. Blowing Jiggly out of the water Jynx is the ultimate hippie mom. She loves to dance and encourage her children to find their own identity. She is capable of giving her children space while supporting them in ever endeavor they desire. You may disagree with her mothering tactics but in the end she promotes a healthy relationship with oneself and advocates her children finding who they are before what they are.


#5 - Fearow

The original helicopter mom Fearow is perhaps not the mom we want, but is most likely the mom we need. The single mother that wants the best for child and will stop at nothing until they see their offspring succeed. She can be overwhelming and have a knack for being realistic to the point of oppression but she wants the best for you. She wants you to have the opportunity she never did and forces her children to be their best selves.

Father’s day…


#1 Dad? - Snorlax

Falling asleep watching the game, reading to his kids, or listening to his wife, Snorlax may not be the best dad, but a dad he is. Through and through.