Episode #12 - P.S. I Love You


Dear Listener, 

We hope you listen to this episode about love and grief and shallow selfish characters only caring about their love and grief. Ah, life! Nick and Stephen and special guest (A WOMAN) Rachael break down the movie meant to break you down. They talk new versions of the movie, Swankiest moments, and a new segment, Rachael's Rant! 


Reel Rotten

P.S. I love shoes


Stephen’s blurb: If you’re a fan of happy movies, sad movies, movies that give you hope, movies that make you want to change your life—watch The Mighty Ducks 2.

Nick’s blurb: Dear P.S. I Love You, It was okay to see you again. P.P.S. Never again. That’s from Nick.

Rachael’s blurb: P.S. I Love You—relive a lost relationship, and take a walk through Holly’s ugly shoes.

Episode #11 - Rush Hour 3 (Bonus)


You remember a few month ago when Jackie Chan came back? Yeah, do you remember The Fifth Element? Well, good news, we reviewed Rush Hour 3 for you! Two special guests, Genevieve and Alex, joined Nick in studio for a bonus pod! The first special guest pod of many more to come. Anyway, Rush Hour 3 did not age well. We recorded this at the end of last year, and had this movie come out in 2017 it would not have survived a week. Shoutout to Brett Rat (our new nickname for him). Watch the movie or just listen, we get pretty deep. 


Genevieve’s blurb: The cast must’ve stretched daily to be able to film such a massive reach of a trilogy. Rush Hour 3 is the Brett Ratner of the saga—an unwanted and annoying assault. #bonuspointsforpunchingpolanskiintheface

Nick and Stephen have no blurbs of their own for this one, but they like Genevieve’s blurb.