Episode #11 - Rush Hour 3 (Bonus)


You remember a few month ago when Jackie Chan came back? Yeah, do you remember The Fifth Element? Well, good news, we reviewed Rush Hour 3 for you! Two special guests, Genevieve and Alex, joined Nick in studio for a bonus pod! The first special guest pod of many more to come. Anyway, Rush Hour 3 did not age well. We recorded this at the end of last year, and had this movie come out in 2017 it would not have survived a week. Shoutout to Brett Rat (our new nickname for him). Watch the movie or just listen, we get pretty deep. 


Genevieve’s blurb: The cast must’ve stretched daily to be able to film such a massive reach of a trilogy. Rush Hour 3 is the Brett Ratner of the saga—an unwanted and annoying assault. #bonuspointsforpunchingpolanskiintheface

Nick and Stephen have no blurbs of their own for this one, but they like Genevieve’s blurb.